QUESTIONS? Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question do not hesitate to contact us.

All areas that need cleaning will be dry cleaned. That being said, some of the coloured areas if the dirt is too deep may only be improved and not totally cleaned. Usually it's the black, red and yellow colours that are the toughest. When dry cleaning any coloured are you have to be careful to avoid any colour loss.

No. A dry cleaning is included with each press, if necessary. Dry cleaning will not improve stains or mold but it will get rid of dirt and make your comics present much better.

This status just means that CGC hasn't received your book yet or they mave have received it but the API hasn't updated your book to "Scheduled for Grading". 

The status "Shipped" is when CGC ships your book(s) back to Canada Comic Pressing. It usually takes around a week for the books to arrive back from CGC. Once the books arrive back at Canada Comic Pressing your books will be inspected for any damages that may have occured during shipping. You will be contacted shortly after they arrive back and inspected. If you do have any damaged slabs they will be returned to CGC for ReHolder at no expense.  Canada Comic Pressing will then either get you a quote for return shipping or we can also hold them for you if you still have more books still at CGC and you would like to save on the return shipping by having them all shipped at once.

This is the final stage for your book while at CGC before they ship it back to Canada Comic Pressing. This stage usually takes between 1-7 days and is when CGC inspects the slabs before sending them back. If your book is at this stage it's time to get excited.

This is the 2nd stage at CGC for your book. Once it leaves the "scheduled for grading" stage it moves to "Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging" stage. This means that your book is moving through the system. At this point your book is getting closer to being returned to Canada Comic Pressing. 

Once your book arrives at CGC and they log your book into their system the first stage is "Scheduled for Grading". Your book is now at CGC and in queue when you see this status.

Right now we're currently working on 30 days or less for pressing turnaround. Recent changes in our setup enable Canada Comic Pressing to currently handle roughly 1,000 books per month and still maintain a 30 day or less turnaround time.

Yes. We do this safely all the time for customers looking to get a bump in grade. Just look at our before and after photos where you can see the before and after grades.

Yes. If done correctly a book can be pressed over and over.

Yes. If you took a book and put it at the bottom of a pile of books for 50 years you will get the same effect of pressing a book. All pressing really does is speed up a natural process by loosening the fibres in the paper of the comic and pressing it out.

When press-able defects are removed and a book is cleaned it will not only make your investment appear better but it will also increase the value of the book. 

Restoration uses many different chemicals and techniques to your book. Pressing is cleaned by friction based methods and pressing is done just with heat and humidity.

No. There are no chemicals used and nothing is added to the book.

Comic Pressing is a process which certain defects are fixed or made significantly better to increase the appearance and value of a comic book.


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