CGC Turnaround Times and Pressing Turnaround Times

November 10, 2022/

About a year ago nobody wanted to talk about the very long turnaround times that CGC were experiencing. Well after CGC brought in a company to revamp their system and make some recommendations it looks like long wait times are a thing of the past at CGC. The only grading tiers that are still a long wait are the Magazine tiers as well as the regular Economy tier. Since Canada Comic Pressing no longer submits under the regular Economy tier and only submits Economy books under the Fast Track option we don't have to worry about that anymore. All of the comics that we submit for customers are now going through the doors at CGC in under 2 months. In fact, many of the books right now are in and out of CGC in under 30 days.

With Canada Comic Pressing having a 30 day turnaround time for pressing that means that many of our customers are now getting books back between 2-3 months from the time that Canada Comic Pressing receives your comics. That sure beats the turnaround times that many other pressers have just for pressing. Our goal when we started taking submissions in May was to maintain a 30 day turnaround time for the customer. We thought it wasn't fair to have a long turnaround time for pressing. As many of you know, we stopped taking submissions from January 2022 to May 2022 in order to clear up every book in queue. This enables us to get to your books faster since your submission doesn't go to the back of the queue behind hundreds or even thousands of books like some of the other pressers in the industry. Our system and setup enables us to press between 1000-1500 books and still maintain the 30 day turnaround time. 

In the recent past there have been many new customers who are all very happy with both the results and super fast turnaround times as well as the way the website enables you to watch as your books go through the system at CGC. Some of these customers have been using other pressing services and we are very happy to have the aboard. 

Thanks everyone. Let's hope 2023 is a stellar year for both buyers and sellers