Absolute Professional. Master Magician. Mad Scientist. I dont know how Jeff does what he does, but worth every penny! Some highlights: Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 4.0 - Would have been a 2.0 at best with the water damage TMNT #2 (1st Print) CGC 9.6 - was a 9.2 when I gave it to him TMNT #1 (3rd Print) CGC 8.5 - sold to me as a VF raw Amazing Spider-man #4 CGC 3.0 - really should have been a 2.0 X-men #4 CGC 2.5 - This thing looked like it went in a pile of mud and under the hood of a car and was barely being held together, how was it not a 1.5??? These are only a few highlights from the hundreds of books he has helped me increase my ROI on.

Patrick Bankay

Jeff is phenomenal at what he does. Keeps you informed during every step of the process and helps you make informed decisions on your books. Highly recommend.

Simon Fallon

Jeff is a reliable and trustworthy person to deal with. His results speak for themselves. Many times he's taken my books and made them better through his skill and knowledge. With his experience, I've been lucky enough to receive 9.8's on many books. If you want results, this is the place to be.

Kevin Simone

I was directed to Canada Comic Pressing by several people through a Facebook group that is comic related. I submitted a small, 5 book batch to try out his services. Best decision ever, my books were cleaned, pressed and submitted to CGC for grading. Once the books were returned, I was shocked to receive grades I didnt think possible given the conidition these books were in when they left my hands. I have since used his services several times over and always with great results. I dont often leave reviews but CCP/Jeff continues to amaze me. The man is 5 star caviar.

James Joy

The service Jeff provides is top notch. I can't say enough. The amount of positive experiences I have had, in dealing with Jeff, is in the dozens. Recently, I got a bump grade of ASM 1 by a full grade, plus white pages. For a book close to 60 years old to go from off-white to white pages, is truly amazing. To in trust a book that is your holy grail with any business is gut wrenching. With Jeff, I do not hesitate. Thank you for your service!!

Terry Futher