May 05, 2022/

Welcome to the new and much improved website. 

Although at a quick glance it may look like the old site, this is miles ahead of the old site. Over the past 6 months we took what we liked and didn't like about the old site and made the appropriate changes. This new site has the most advanced submission form that you'll find on any comic pressing website. It will automatically populate your pressing fees as well as your CGC grading fees based on the year and value of your comics. Once Canada Comic Pressing receives your package your submission will be updated to show when it was received. Your next update will be what everyone will find most useful. You'll see on the right hand side of your book where it says "status" and that will update every 24 hours and if your book moves up to a new status at CGC it will be updated. You'll even see when your book has shipped from CGC and on it's way back to Canada Comic Pressing. You will no longer need to contact CCP and wait for us to check into your status. What you'll see as your status is exactly what we see.

We'll also be dedicated to having the quickest turnaround times humanly possible. Books will be put in queue the same day they're received. We understand that books take a long time at CGC so we hope to cut down the pressing times to help with the overall time it takes to have your books go through the system and get back to you.

Thank you.